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Vera Stupar 
Director, Licenced Auditor
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DIL AUDIT d.o.o., even though a young audit company relevant to its foundation, bases the quality of its operations on the knowledge and experience of highly qualified experts in the field of finances, economic investments, strategic planning and operations control for the client. This confirms and guarantees our clients services at a high professional and comprehensive level.

Among its founders, DIL AUDIT d.o.o. has a highly qualified expert with thirty five years of professional experience in offering services to clients in the area of auditing and auditing services. With professional experience acquired at the beginning of his career, as a pioneer from the very start of auditing in this region, through large international audit companies, he transfers his knowledge to others.

In addition to licensed auditors, our auditing team also consists of young, educated human resources with a bright future. We believe that the work experience and stability of older colleagues, as well as the enthusiasm and new knowledge of the young, form a combination guaranteeing business success.

DIL AUDIT d.o.o. holds a Certificate confirming fulfillment  of required conditions, number 023-02-00283/2009-16 dated 14 August 2009, issued by the Ministry of Finance.

DIL AUDIT d.o.o. offers following services:

  • Audit of financial statements (Statutory Audit)
  • Audit of parts of financial statements
  • Review of financial statements
  • Audit of operations
  • Audit of harmonization with contract provisions
  • Project audit